WoodSons is a family business. The roots and essential works of the ancestors go back to the beginning of the last century. At that time, the great-great-grandfather Mattis Hohensee (born on 28.10.1859, Saaremaa, Lümanda parish) dealt with shipbuilding in Saaremaa.

The most famous ship built by Mattis was the 4-masted barquentine “Andreas Weide,” one of the largest sailing ships in Estonia; length of 47.6, a width of 9.0, a draft of 4.9 m, a total capacity of 583.4, net capacity 478.4. 

It is one of the largest wooden sailing ships built on the shores of Estonia and Latvia. The construction started in 1889 in Heinaste by the forest captain, ship owner, and entrepreneur Andreas Weide (6.12.1832 Orajõe municipality – 18.11.1889 Heinaste).

The ship got named after him after his death. 1891 the boat was completed according to the model and under the control of Mattis. The first captains were men from the Weide family, Latvians, since 1895. Sailed for 12 years, visiting ports in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South and West Africa, and Europe.

We do not build wooden ships today, but we offer wooden materials, wooden garden products, and wooden houses.

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We offer planed timber, impregnated wood, fence posts, Siberian larch, thermal wood, etc. From garden products, we offer garden houses, firewood sheds, tool sheds, garden furniture, etc.

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